Стоит ли поддерживать модуль Multi-Language для версии DLE ниже​ 15.0?

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Multi-language for DLE

I present to you a unique module for creating multi-language site on CMS DataLife Engine ...

Change the language on the whole CMS.
Have a admin panel.
Possible to add, edit and delete the language through the admin panel.
The ability to use language (.lng) files in the template.
Support for tags
 [lang_{cod}] ... text ... [/lang_{cod}] 
in the template and in the news.

Module Name: Multi-language
Version: 1.0
DataLife Engine: 10.2, 10.3, 10.4
Components: Module files + documentation
Author: Japing
Price: 7$

Skype: ion5991
ICQ: 659739939
E-mail: ion1302@mail.ru
Site: japing.pw

Demo: langs.japing.pw
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    Отличный модуль
  1. I think you should rename this module to module version instead of DLE version because the module is working for DLE 10.3 and I just tested with DLE 10.4 and working well so I think it's safe to name it as "Multi-language 1.0 for DLE" or somethinf like that...

    I really like this module, I saw some other developer maing the similar module but it seems too complicated to understand, this module is just light and easy to install, I will be looking forward to see if there is new release with some new cool features...

    Thank you 10+ smirk
  2. Your new design is gorgous and very nice! Keep up great works....
  3. not working photo upload button from additional fields [xfinput_photo]