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Module Multi-language 2.4 for DLE

I am glad to introduce you to the next version of the module Multi-language. This version has been completely rewritten.

Module Name: Multi-language
Version: 2.4
DataLife Engine: 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3
Components: Module files + documentation
Author: Japing

Here is the administrator of the module.

There are settings to help you manage module.

Possible to add, edit or delete the language through the admin panel.

Added language can be enabled or disabled from using. You can add an icon for each language.

And most importantly, when you add news can fill Title, Short description and Full description for each language separately.

And also you can fill out and meta tags for this article.

With quick edit also present form for each language.

There are opportunities to complete a form and for static pages.

Can create a sitemap for each language.

Module Multi-language 2.4 for DLE
Switches to change the language can be decorated as you wish through the template file. The switch may be select, button or link

The module supports the SEO function that allows indexing news for each language separately.

As well as:
  • Change the language on the whole CMS.
  • The ability to use language (.lng) files in the template.
  • For template is available tags [lang=ru,ro]...[/lang] and [not-lang=en]...[/not-lang].
  • Support for tags [ lang_ru]...text...[ /lang_ru] in the news.
  • If the field is blank, will appear text of standard field.
  • There is an automatic installer that allows one-click install and make all the changes in the files of the engine.

Upgrading to 2.4 (25.12.2015):
  • Added the ability to select the type of User-Friendly URL: http://site.com/en/ or http://site.com/lang-en/;
  • Added automatic detection of the user's language.
  • Now, if another language is selected, all references contain /en/ or /lang-en/;
  • Made a few minor fixes.

Upgrading to 2.3 (15.06.2015):
  • Added the ability to translate the polls on the site
  • Added full module caching
  • Added the ability to search in all languages
  • Added ability to skip the news if not translated into a corresponding language ( You can specify through additional field to show or not)
  • Made a few minor fixes

Upgrading to 2.2 (15.04.2015):
  • Added the ability translate a group of users
  • Added option to hide the fields for the default language
  • Now for the default language address will not lang- , ie if go to the address site.ru/lang-ru and ru is the main language will be redirect to the site.ru

Fix (23.03.2015):
  • Added full support caching with the module

Upgrading to 2.1 (15.03.2015):
  • Added full support for the work of the WYSIWYG editor
  • Added the ability to translate category
  • Made a few minor fixes

System Requirements:
  • IonCube Loader 5.0 +
  • PHP 5.3 +
  • cURL

Information for purchases:
One domain = 15$ (Renewals: 10$)
One domain + subdomains = 20$ (Renewals: 15$)
One domain + all zones = 23$ (Renewals: 17$)
One domain + subdomains + all zones = 25$ (Renewals: 20$)

Changing the license to another domain can not be.

The second license -20%
The third license -30%
The fourth license and more -40%

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