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Module Recent Activity 2.0 for DLE

I present to you next version of the module Recent Activity.

The module will help you to create Activity Stream that shows the last activity on your site running CMS DataLife Engine.

Module Name: Recent Activity
Version: 2.0
DataLife Engine: 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 11.0
Components: Module files + documentation
Author: Japing

Available components for Recent Activity:
  • News
  • Comments
  • Avatars
  • News rating
  • Comments rating
  • Registration
  • Polls
  • File download
  • Bookmarks
  • Easy Like fer news (With module Easy Like by ПафНутиЙ)
  • Easy Like for comments (With module Easy Like by ПафНутиЙ)
  • Thanks (With moduleThanks by MSW)
  • DLE Friends (With module DLE Friends by Elegant Division)
  • Users Status (With module Users Status by DexizeR77)

  • The module supports caching, that avoids the load on the server.
  • There is flexibility in the template that allows you to draw your design as you like it.
  • Is present pagination.
  • Can display module on the site anywhere, specify the following parameters:
    • $widget - the name of the template.
    • $user - the user name, for example to display to the user profile.
    • $limit - the number of activity.
    • $groups - You can specify a comma, action which groups show.
  • You can enable or disable certain components through the admin panel.
  • It is also possible to specify which groups show activity with a specific component.

    System Requirements:
  • IonCube Loader 5.0 +
  • PHP 5.3 +

    Information for purchases:
  • One domain = 15$
  • One domain + subdomains = 20$
  • One domain + all zones = 23$
  • One domain + subdomains + all zones = 25$

  • The second license -20%
  • The third license -30%
  • The fourth license and more -40%

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