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Recent Activity 1.0 for DLE

Module Name: Recent Activity
Version: 1.0
DataLife Engine: 10.2, 10.3, 10.4
Components: Module files + documentation
Author: Japing

I am pleased to present you a new module — Recent Activity (Activity feed). It shows all the latest action: when added news, commentary, when inserted rating, change of avatar.
Also module integrates with other modules : Easy Like by ПафНутиЙ, Thanks by MSW, DLE Friends by Elegant Division, User status by DexizeR77. All these options can be enabled or disabled in the admin panel.
The module supports caching, that avoids the load on the server.
There is flexibility in the template that allows you to draw your design as you like it.
For more details you can see a demo on our website.

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